Who is Family Care?

Family Care was founded in 1983 as the pioneer of medical discount and saving programs. Since that time, we have helped thousands of members and households save on their medical bills, prescriptions, vision, dental, chiropractic, and more. Family Care is committed to making healthcare affordable and manageable.

What Does Family Care Offer?

Family Care is an association healthcare program designed to save you money on your healthcare needs. We've developed an easy-to-use program offering one of the largest well-known and respected networks of providers in the nation. We offer discounts and savings on healthcare services and benefits that meet today's household budgets.

Where Is Family Care Located?

Family Care's corporate offices are headquartered in beautiful Houston, Texas. There are also thousands of independent marketing associates and sales representatives in just about every state, as well as Puerto Rico, who are ready and willing to share more information about the plans and services available in your area.

Mission Statement

Family Care has made it its mission to provide association members and their households a cost-effective healthcare savings program, which comprises a full range of quality health-related services and the very best in Customer Service. Hence, creating for those members and their households an affordable, simple-to-use, and satisfying solution to their healthcare needs.

Our Concept

The Modern-Day Healthcare Dilemma

The combination of the rising costs of healthcare at alarming rates and a sagging economy producing more lay-offs, downsizing, and forced early retirements, has led to more and more Americans becoming either totally responsible for the cost of their healthcare, or having to share a greater portion of the burden. Hence, the evolving of an ominous trend where less and less people are seeing their doctor on a regular basis due to the high cost. They usually wait until their condition deteriorates to the point where they use the hospital emergency room for primary care, and many of them end up not paying their medical bills under the circumstances. This is not only very costly to the hospitals but would take such a severe toll on the patient’s health.

So how do we solve this dilemma?

Introducing… The Family Care Solution!

The average person goes to the doctor just twice a year. As a Family Care plan-holder you could manage your household's healthcare when you need it without fear of the cost. Family Care, using its power of "wholesale buying", has made attractive price agreements with providers, and the corresponding savings are passed on to you. Even more, you maintain control of your healthcare without interference from a third party.

How Our Program Works

As a member, you'll utilize these easy-to-follow steps to ensure an enjoyable cost saving experience.

Step 1: Call or Go Online

Prospective and existing/current plan-holders are able to call our toll free telephone number and speak with our friendly customer service representatives. You can also go to our website and use the tools available to you 24 hours a day from any online computer.

Step 2: Use 'Provider Assistant'

Info If you called our toll free number in step 1, you can skip this step.

As a plan-holder, you have access to your plan account online. You'll be able to create provider referrals using our Provider Assistant tool. This easy-to-use tool allows you to review and create new referrals with just a few clicks.

Step 3: Visit Your Provider

We call and send your plan information to the provider ahead of time as a courtesy, so that there is always recognition when you arrive.

Step 4: Show Membership Card

Show your plan card to the provider and smile knowing you're about to save money!

4 Key Advantages to Providers
Who Participate in Our Network

1. No Waiting for Payment

Providers who welcome Family Care plan-holders do not have to wait for their money. Ordinarily, doctors must wait an extended period of time for reimbursement for their services. Family Care plan-holders pay the reduced fees at the time of service.

2. No Additional Paperwork Required

Since Family Care patients pay for their care at the time of service, that is the end of the transaction. No additional paperwork is required. This saves doctors' offices a tremendous amount of time and money in materials, hassle, and employees.

3. No Incurred Billing Costs

Often providers hire billing companies to manage their billing needs. Since Family Care patients pay for their care at the time of service, there are no costs incurred by providers for billing services. This saves providers time and money.

4. Tap into New Markets

You'll reach those who are not currently using the existing healthcare system. Many people rarely see the doctor on a regular basis due to the high cost. They usually wait until their condition deteriorates to the point where they use the hospital emergency room for primary care. This is not only very expensive to the hospital, since those people rarely pay; it can also be seriously detrimental to the patient's health. With Family Care, providers are tapping a new market of people who aren't even using the healthcare system. People with our discount healthcare plan go to the doctor on a regular basis, they get x-rays, they fill prescriptions, etc. And most importantly, patients will get the care they need early on, before a condition develops into a much more expensive and health-threatening illness.